Your first steps towards safety

Awareness  Preparation  Execution

active threats are serious business
A.P.E. is serious business
Who is at risk of Active Threats?
*Your Office
*Houses of Worship
*Public Schools
*Private Schools
*Public venues
*Your workplace

We train you and your staff in the techniques that have proven effective in response to active threats.  Be the the leader and get the training.  Your decision to act is what stands between your people and an Active Threat.

Active Threats Responses Presentation/Lecture/Workshop

Site vulnerability assessment    

Senior staff ATRT training    

Full staff ATRT training   

Travel Awareness Training

Personal and Home Active Threats Training

Women’s Self-Defense training 1 & 2

Men’s Self-Defense training 1 & 2

NRA Phase I & II Basic Pistol 

USCCA Basic Pistol Safety 

Gift Certificates available

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