Senior staff training

Leaders Lead, it’s what they do

Your senior staff, the people you rely on to keep a clear head and act with good judgement, must be trained for the reality of Active Threats.  It is not enough to rely on “good sense” and best wishes.  The Training in Awareness, Preparation, and Execution (Go A.P.E) must be in place to have any hope of success in crisis.

Senior staff leadYour Senior Staff are the people on the front lines.  They need the training in how to think, what to do, and what to expect.

They in turn can act as leaders who promote the best practices in Threat Response Training.

This course includes but is not limited to:

  • Training at your facility/business/school/church, etc.
  • Active Threat Response Training (ATRT) Handbook
  • Creation of site specific procedures
  • Practice with mock-active threats to lock-in training
  • How-to and best practices for implementation
  • Trauma and wound care
  • Debrief and next steps
Senior Staff appreciate training
Senior staff empower
Senior Staff empower

Leaders are the men and women who are expected to know what to do in a crisis. They are the people who must be able to help train the rest of the staff. They can’t do it entirely on their own when a situation develops.  That’s why Senior Staff training should be followed by Full Staff training.

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