personal and home active threat

Personal and Home Active Threat Training

Personal and at Home Considerations

It is not just our businesses, places of worship, social venues, and lifestyle that is under the Active Threat shadow.  Personal and Home Active Threat scenarios make it into the news daily. It can be anywhere and at anytime, out in public or even in your Home.  So, hide under a rock?  Let paranoia destroy your life?

Heck No!

When we become Aware, make Preparations, and practice Executing those preparations, we are empowered to live full and fear-free lives.

Just hoping so and saying so doesn’t get the job done however!

Personal and Home Active Threat training

Regular folks just need someone to show the “tricks of the trade” to them so that they can grab their personal and family safety into their own hands.  That is what this course is about.  We are about bringing information, awareness, preparation, and training to deal effectively with the personal and home Active Threat and Home Invasion scenarios in our lives.

This course includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Home vulnerability assessment
  • Personal vulnerability assessment
  • Home awareness
  • Personal environmental awareness
  • How to prepare home and self
  • Creation of home and personal plans
  • Firearm training with live fire practice
  • Training in mock-situations for execution practice


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