We host the NRA Basic Pistol Phase I & II Course

Firearm ownership = an Awesome Responsibility

Many States are requiring that prospective basic pistol carry permit/concealed carry applicants take the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course.  It is divided into two parts.  Phase I is entirely online.  Phase II is with an NRA certified instructor and includes both classroom and live fire training.

basic pistol trainingThe knowledge and practice of basic pistol and firearm safety is really the number one theme that all firearm users must treat with utmost respect.  Whether one intends to carry or not, participate in the many sporting opportunities, or hunt, this course is a valuable basis upon which to build a safe relationship with firearms.

Pistols are a fact of life.  Whether or not you like, fear, or are indifferent to them, knowledge and training will go a long way towards knowing what you are talking about.

Basic Pistol Training must be part of any self-defense plan

Even if your State does not require this course, you owe it to yourself to gain the training anyway. Contact us about beginning your path to basic pistol training and safe firearm ownership today.  You may host the Phase II course at your location.

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