Full staff ATRT training


First we train your leaders in the effective methods of Awareness, Preparation, and Execution(Go A.P.E.). Next they will participate in training the Full Staff. This will bring the rest of the staff up to speed.

Not everyone is prepared to be an effective Teacher.  With Senior Staff training in place, we can be more effective in training the Full Staff.  Through lecture, procedures introduction/clarification, and mock-active threat drills, and trauma & wound care, your people will have the knowledge base to react successfully in crisis.

This course includes but is not limited to:

  • Training of your people at your facility/business/school/church, etc.
  • Active Threat Response Training cards
  • Instruction in your site specific procedures
  • Practice with mock-active threats to lock-in training
  • Integration with your Senior Staff
  • How-to, expectations, and best practices for implementation
  • Trauma and wound care
  • Debrief and next steps
The Full Staff training clarifies what the Senior Staff are going to expect in a crisis situation

With the concepts and training that Senior Staff have received, the Full Staff training is more easily understood.

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