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Active Threat Response Presentation/Lecture/Workshop

An Active Threat needs an active Response

Go beyond just the Awareness Lecture and prepare with Active Threat Scenario Training.

Our Active Threat Concepts Presentation/Lecture covers the Principles of active threatAwareness, Case Studies, and Effective Response Strategies.  Attendees will acquire an understanding of the factors involved in Active Threats, the profiles of shooters, and the current Best Practices for effective responses.

Among the Active Threat take-aways, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the actions to take when confronted with an active shooter
  • Assist responding law enforcement officials
  • Recognize potential workplace violence indicators
  • Describe actions to take to prevent and prepare for potential active shooter incidents
  • Learn about effective barricade types and materials
  • Describe how to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.

For organizations that opt to include the Crisis Scenario Training, participants will be taken through the scenarios from the current “shelter in place”, to the DHS, FEMA, and Department of Education Best Practices for effective response to active shooter threats.  Safety materials will be provided.

Please note that Crisis Scenario Training will be for a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 25 for the 4 hour training.  More participants will extend the time and cost, at an additional hour for each additional group of up to 10 participants.


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