Home Defense Tactics

Home Defense Tactics are part of your larger Strategy for Self-Defense

Here are some typical things to consider when in the preparation/planning phase Home defense prepof the Home Defense piece.  It is unlikely that you will be able to do them all at once.  They may not all fit your situation, but there are some basic principles.


  1. Don’t make it easy for the opportunist burglar
  2. Do Make it more difficult and time consuming for the experienced burglar
  3. Plan what to do if it is a robber rather than a burglar
  4. Decide if you plan to have a “Safe Room” and how family will access it
  5. Are you prepared (morally, ethically, etc.) to use deadly force?
  6. Attend the Personal Protection In The Home Course

In the actual moment of an assault, there are five ways that we might respond.

  1. Freeze…..Whether for an instant or longer
  2. Flight…….Get yourself/family away from the danger
  3. Submit….Give up and put your survival in the hands of the assailant
  4. Posture…Respond with “Command Presence”, act like an Alpha
  5. Fight……..Access the whole range of actions from defusing to deadly force

If it is your intent to be able to fight effectively, then training will be of great importance to you.  Learning about assault psychology, home preparation, combative skills, action firearm training, mental preparation, and correct visualization will give you a fighting chance.

Assault PsychologyHome defense thinking

The reasons that someone has chosen to assault you has to do with his/her perception that it will solve some problem for him or her. Financial, dominance, psychological, fear, surprise, hate, etc. may be some of their reasons.  It could be that you surprise a burglar, are the object of a hate crime, or any number of possible reasons that an assailant might have to harm you and your family. Knowing more about this topic can help the decision about effective response.

Home Defense Preparation

There are a set of preparation actions to take that will both lessen the likelihood of a home invasion and improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. Some you could come up with on your own, others are the result of the experience of people who have gone through such situations.  All are presented to you during the Personal Protection In The Home course.

home defense is a part of self defenseCombative Skills

My readers will know that I advocate for men and women to take basic and advanced Self-Defense courses.  Home defense is a part of this. They’re fun, and open the student to the world of scientific martial arts.  It is not enough to be a “Big” guy and mistakenly believe that makes you immune to violence.  Anyone can become the object of an attack.  Big or small, man or woman there are techniques, attitudes, and knowledge that will improve your ability to protect yourself and loved ones.

Action Firearm TrainingTrain for home defense

Having a firearm but not knowing how to use it properly or not knowing how to use it in a home defense scenario is foolish.  As we say, “The Gun is always somewhere”.  Where is it kept?  Is it loaded? Is it accessible to authorized persons only? When not in use to defend the family, what is it doing?  Have you or other adults in the house taken a basic firearms safety course? An advanced course like the Personal Protection In The Home course?

You need to become familiar with everything surrounding the potential use of a firearm for home defense and self defense in general.

Mental Preparation

Are you ready to use deadly force against another Human Being?  Do you have religious, moral, ethical, restrictions that might prevent you from acting with deadly force to an assault? The decision to allow yourself to use deadly force must be made in advance.  In the moment of Truth it’s a Go/No Go decision that can’t be burdened with qualms or second guessing.  (That may come later.)

Correct Visualization

Just as with any high-stakes Human activity such as Olympic sports or military action, training and correct visualization are vital to the success of the action. So too is the training in correct visualization that goes into effective preparation for home defense and self defense.

Now Active Threat Response training offers courses in basic and advanced self-defense for both men and women(taught separately), basic firearm safety, and Personal Protection In The Home.  Click the links above to learn more, or contact us below.


Brian Dillon 6/16/17


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